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How many New Year Resolutions this time? Well, continue the blog would be a nice one, losing weight is also on top of the list, getting our finances in order, taking more photos, did I mention losing weight?

Today was a good day and I hope it was a good one for you as well.

The day started with a delicious brunch. We try to eat at home as much as possible these days and one of the goal is to try new recipes. We found a great one in the “Bon Appetit” magazine, February 2009 issue,”Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Lemon cream. Here is the link for the ingredients and recipe, I highly recommend it. It is really reasonable to make and so delicious, we served it with Mimosa (left over Champagne and orange juice).

New Years day could not be complete in Texas with a serving of black-eyed peas. I bought fresh ones that I cooked 3 hours in my new orange cast iron pot. I added onions, celery, garlic, sliced turkey (cut in small pieces), beer and chicken bouillon, salt and pepper and a dash of “Herbes de Provence”, how could I forget them!

Here is to the New Year Resolution of taking photos and cooking. Today’s  black-eyed peas diner.

Tonight I was pretty pleased with my dish, simple but good.  B did enjoy it  too and this always warms my heart. He would have been happy to open a can of black-eyed peas and warm it up and eat it as is.  I suppose there is nothing wrong with this too, I need to learn to relax more while cooking, but I do enjoyed choosing fresh ingredients.

I hope to experiment a bit more in the kitchen this year. I do not cook like a true Texan, France and French food is still part of me and my daily life. I will take on some cooking challenges this year, perhaps blend in the two cultures more.

Bon Appétit mes amis et Bonne Année!


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