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It is not an easy task to write on a daily basis, I fear that if I skip a day, I can skip a year and I do not want to make this mistake. I am not much of a writer nor do I claim to be one. This New Year’s resolution is about consistency. I start things but do not finish them most of the time. I would like this year to be different and better in so many ways!

We are a one family car and when the car of this one family no longer is drivable then it is time to let it go and get a new one. Of course, it never happens at the best time but this is part of life. I drove a 1983 240 Volvo GL and I love this car. Just thinking about this brings tears to my eyes. I drove it until the 31st of December 2009 and it has sat there underneath the carport for the last 3 days, waiting to be driven. It needs so much repair that its cost will be the down payment on a new “used” car. The Old Blue and I have been through some tough times together and some good ones as well, she has been a good friend all these years and part of my family. I will miss you!

So for the last 3 days B and I have taken long walks and ran our errands by foot. It is usually a couple miles to our destinations (one way) and we are careful on the load we have to carry back to the house, we each carry a back pack. I have truly enjoyed these walks with B, our talks and simply getting in touch with our surroundings. Today was grey and a bit cold; we walked to one of our favorite Asian restaurant for lunch. We both love their “Spicy Coconut Chicken Soup”! A hot cup of soup and an order of crispy Rangoon and we were set for the walk back home. Oriental Cuisine is one that I enjoy a lot; unfortunately, I do not have the talent to prepare it. I could make it an upcoming challenge “365 days of Oriental Cuisine”… maybe next year!

Speaking about challenge for this year, I have decided to bake more. I am not a baker but would like to improve in this area. In France, today is “Epiphanie” or “Epiphany” and during this season we prepare “la Galette des Rois” or “King’s Cake”.  A small figurine or “la fève” is hidden in the cake and the ones who gets it (or bite on it), is King or Queen for the day.  The cake consists of flaky puff pastry layers with a dense center of “frangipane”, which is a filling made of almonds. How cool is that! It is $17 a pie at the French bakery or I can graciously accept the challenge.  Will I spend less than $17 in trials and errors? Will keep in touch, I promise!

Make it a good day!


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